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Daddy’s little Sex Doll

My parents were both working, I sat down on the sofa, I still had on my school uniform
White blouse, navy knee socks and plaid short skirt. The regular attire that we all wore. I sat down on the couch and began to explore, I suppose you would say. I felt my thighs and rubbed very lightly, it felt so good, I ran my fingers down my calf and removed my socks, I moved slowly back up my calf to my thigh to just under my skirt. I gently rubbed my pussy through my panties, I began to get hot, and could feel the dampness through my panties. I moved my hands to my buttons on my shirt I undid two buttons, and reached into my lacy little bra and took out my left breast, I began to gently rub my nipple making it hard. I bent my head down taking my nipple into my mouth and sucking. My pussy was soaking wet at this point. I stood and took off my little skirt and slid my panties to the floor. I lay on the sofa and spread my legs far, I began to rub my pussy lips slowly. They were so soft from being shaved every morning, I rubbed until my clit began to rise out of my lips. I brushed my fingers over my clit lightly as I worked my way down. I finally took my left hand and opened those pink plump lips, I touched my inner lips they were soaked I eased one finger into my throbbing hole, and the another finger, I pulled them out and put them to my lips and tasted that sweet pussy juice. I then began to rub my clit in that spot that felt like heaven. My clit swelled larger and larger, I could feel my anticipation rising. I was close to reaching a climax when I felt a hand on my nipple. I opened my eyes and there was my Dad, he was touching my breast I quickly sat up and tried to cover myself he bent down and gently pushed me back down on the sofa, he leaned over me and his mouth covered my breast, I could feel his tongue moving slowly around my nipple. My pussy nearly exploded he continued to suck and nibble. I began to rub my clit again while I allowed my father to love me. I knew it was wrong but it felt so right and who would ever find out. I was about to cum and I moaned, he stopped and stood up, he unbuckled his pants and slid them down, he stood in his underwear something I had never seen before. His large cock stuck out through his underwear, there was no hiding it. He slid his underwear down. His cock was huge and had beautiful black curly hair all above it. His balls were covered in black fine hair, he took my hand and put them on his balls then his cock, he showed me how to stroke it. He moaned as I began to stroke faster. He pulled away and I looked up at him confused he smiled at me he got on the end of the sofa between my outstretched legs. He bent to my pussy he touched it, I nearly melted in his hands. He rubbed my clit which was at this point sticking out quite large, larger than it had ever been. He rubbed with his thumb I began to breath faster and faster and then I felt his hot mouth over my clit. He sucked it and licked it slowly every time I would get close to cumming he would stop what he was doing. Finally, when my eyes were closed, I felt his cock, he had it in his hand rubbing it up and down my pussy slit. I felt him add a little force as he pressed it into my waiting pussy. The head of his cock hurt, he pushed further and further until he filled me completely. He moved slowly pulling his cock out of my tight little virgin pussy and then filling me up, he set the rhythm, I felt myself cumming I couldn’t wait any longer I exploded all over his cock, I felt the cum run out of me and down my ass. He moaned as my pussy tightened around his hard cock. He continue to pump in and out. Finally, he stopped he stood and pulled me up he pushed me down to my knees in front of him. He stood with his cock in his hand again he began to stroke it faster and faster. The head of his cock was quite purple and huge I opened my mouth and he smiled pleased with my choice. He slid his dick into my waiting little mouth, he pushed it all in, I gagged but I continued to suck and run my tongue on his shaft. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter and sucked his huge cock into my throat. He pulled it out and stroked it faster and harder, he squirted his hot load onto my face and into my mouth. He sat down on the sofa and pulled me onto his lap, he kissed me hard on my mouth, he told me he loved me. As I turned to put my clothes back on my Mother was standing in the door, I’m sure a look of absolute horror filled my face, she however, had her hands in her skirt and was furiously rubbing her pussy. She had been watching her little girl and her husband fucking for the last hour. I walked over to her and stood close to her, she reached out and touched my still exposed breast she moaned and reached to kiss me on the lips, I let her. She took my hand and guided into her skirt, I felt her soft hairy pussy, she spread her legs further and I felt for her clit. I began to rub it as I rubbed mine, she held on to me as I rubbed in her wet hot cunt. I felt her tightening her grip on me. I realized that her attention wasn’t focused on me it was on something else over my shoulder. I realized then that my Daddy was standing there close to us watching what we were doing, he was stroking his cock yet again. My mother came in my hand, in a huge huge gush, it poured out, I didn’t realize it at the time she was squirting something Daddy didn’t teach me till much later. My daddy came again only on my mother’s face when I leaned in I licked the cum off her face. We all lay on the floor at this point panting. As my mother began to stroke my hot little pussy, and Daddy sucked my tits. I came over and over that night, it was just the beginning of my over active sex life.